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SAPOSCOL is an OS specific executable and collects important operating system data and thus needs to be installed per Host. In the past SAPOSCOL was delivered within the SAP Kernel and was started by the SAP Instance. As SAPOSCOL is more or less only OS dependent (and not SAP Kernel dependent) you usually can use the latest version from the highest SAP Kernel version. Consequently as of with 7.1 SAPOSCOL is not part of the SAP Kernel anymore but integral part of SAPHOSTAGENT.Saposcol is part of the package SAPHOSTAGENT.SAR. In contrast to other SAP Kernel executables SAPOSCOL can be exchanged anytime without affecting the running business. SAP recommends having always the latest version installed or even better: the latest version of SAPHOSTAGENT. SAPHOSTAGENT not only contains the latest version SAPOSCOL but also provides the Webservice 'SAPOscol' that is for example used by DA((Diagnostics Agent, also known as SMD Agent). SAPHOSTAGENT is also a prerequisite for ACC(Adaptive Computing Controller) (SLD(System Landscape Directory) registration necessary).

In general we have to differentiate between configuration and performance data:
- Configuration Data: OS dependent 'HWINFO' and structured 'XMLINFO'.
You can check if both files are generated correctly by using SAPOSCOL in dialog mode (saposcol -d) with 'ask Hardware' and 'ask HardwareXML'.
- Performance Data: CPU and Paging activity. SAPOSCOL saves averaged data to file coll.put from SHM in regular intervals.

Summary: Ensure that the latest version of SAPOSCOL (better: SAPHOSTAGENT) is installed and that corresponding functions work (HWINFO, XMLINFO). Please check the log file (dev_coll) for any issues.

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