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Transport Workflow PDF Book

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Transport Workflow PDF Book

The transport workflow provides a framework for transporting enhancements or new developments of existing business functions through a system landscape. It provides a direct connection between developers, approvers and transport administration. The transport workflow manages the transport process, determines the user for each individual step automatically, sends FYI notices and emails as necessary and then displays an interface which they can use to perform the task directly. It is an efficient method of transporting a selected number of requests into a group of transport targets and uses clearly defined approval steps to ensure the quality of your target systems. SAP recommends the following: “If you have production systems in your landscape that can only accept approved transports, we recommend that you use the transport workflow to organize and coordinate the transport process.” This method is called Workflow-controlled transports. When a transport request is released under a workflow-controlled transport configuration, the screen Create Transport Proposal appears and the transport workflow starts automatically when the proposal is saved. Transport Proposals specify the transport requests and the target systems/clients into which you want to transport them. You can also specify an import time, import options and add notes for the approvers or transport administrator to see. When you create a transport proposal, you place it in the TMS work-list for the appropriate approver and then the transport administrator. If the approver and transport administrator is the same person, the import begins immediately after the approval without the approver having to do anything extra. After it has been approved and transport administrator executes the “Import” work item, it is then imported automatically into the target systems. The transport proposal then appears in the initiator’s transport proposal inbox for him/her to confirm that the move was successful. The initiator can complete the proposal by confirming it, or apply to have it transported into other systems. Please remember to confirm your proposals after they have been applied to the last target system (i.e. PRD/TRN). This completes the workflow thus providing the ability to more accurately report on transports that are still “in the pipeline”. Use transaction ZWF_XPORTS to report on transports in various stages of completion. The approver can also reject the transport proposal. It then appears in your transport proposal inbox again, hopefully accompanied by a note explaining the reason. You can then modify the transport proposal and resubmit it for approval or withdraw it.

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