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T-Code for Profile Maintenance like as PFCG

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T-Code for Profile Maintenance like as PFCG

What is the T-Code for Profile maintenance like as PFCG?

There is NO Tcode to create profile through PFCG you can create ROLE and when you save and generate the Role a profle is generated in backend for that Role and that Profile is give to the User.


  • 01 May 2008 9:50 am


    SU02 is a TCode to maintain the Profiles. For creating profile is time taking process and difficult. Hence Porfile Generator comes to the picture. 

  • 14 Jan 2011 11:28 am
    PFCG is not for profile maintenance its for creating a role/profile. t code used for profile maintenance is rz10 and rz11. 
    Here profile maintenanace means not user profiles/roles to do with pfcg, it means system profile maintenance like instance profile start profile default profile.

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