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MRF Goes Live With SAP ERP

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MRF Goes Live With SAP ERP

The SAP application replaces the entire footprint of Oracle applications that had previously been deployed by MRF.

Thursday, June 05, 2008:  has gone live with an extensive SAP ERP application across over a thousand users. Replacing applications from Oracle, MRF has implemented SAP’s ERP and CRM solutions based on the SAP NetWeaver platform covering the head office, six factories and over a hundred sales offices to provide a comprehensive view of company information.

Apart from enabling integration, the system reportedly enables substantial cost saving through increased efficiency across the company’s core business processes. It offers real-time visibility into key data, systemises the tracking and calculation of transportation and shipping costs and helps with procurement management. It also allows for integrated and simulative Web-based planning for monthly sales and production targets using BI-IP, while the document management system facilitates a high-volume storage of R&D data for easy retrieval.

Shared Prince Azaria, CIO, MRF Tyres, “This collaboration is a key enabler in optimising our core processes for high growth and achieving the vision we have set for our business transformation. The length, breadth and depth of this implementation at MRF is a clear testament of the efficacy of SAP solutions. I am sure the addition of SAP will complete the suite of components necessary to make a difference that our customers will experience.”

“We are very excited to partner with MRF as it integrates its business in their endeavour to achieve newer milestones. We are particularly delighted with this win back as this adds to the growing number of customers displaying a clear preference for SAP as a partner in their business solutions,” added Ranjan Das, CEO and president, SAP India subcontinent.

Implemented by (SISL), the IT arm of Siemens, in nine months, the deployment also covered a large payroll of over 12,000 employees.

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