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Websphere Studio/SAP Netweaver Studio, IDEA and Netbeans, how enterprise r Netbeans?

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Websphere Studio/SAP Netweaver Studio, IDEA and Netbeans, how enterprise r Netbeans?

A hot discussion between me and Sun staff, and several exIBM guy, happen last week, the day before I visited Card Asia in Singapore. I forgot to blog it here.. this idea come, and I want to blog, to raise the opinion, esp after i met the Oracle Indonesia's Director (Hartini) in the Sing Airport (we both wanna to return back to Indonesia)

We discuss about Weblogic market which has become part of Oracle, and Hartini explained about the Support Services team, if they ready, they will support Weblogic, the newest Oracle family (strange right, resigned from Sun, and make Weblogic, now become part of Oracle, that is biz)...

in another word, thereis a discussion that there is cool IDE called Weblogic Workshop, which based on Eclipse,, which in Oracle world, this can become competitor for JDeveloper.

But in the Eclipse World, Weblogic Workshop, Websphere Studio and SAP Netweaver and also the RedHat Studio, they are competing in the enterprise market, and share the common plugins, and the new comer called CodeGear JBuilder, a Borland stuff.

I just think, Netbeans the Sun only IDE, the cool thing IDE for newbies, what do you think Netbeans in Enterprise Market?

this hot discussion gain momentum after we move from Sun meeting room to Starbuck, still in Sun Indonesia Office...Metropolitan Building...

We map that Glassfish the cool container that free vs Weblogic that expensive, Websphere that resource hunger, and JBoss that getting cooling down after acquizition....

We believe that Glassfish will help Netbeans market, of course if Glassfish 3 can become default container for Enterprise that relevance of course in any cose (Free dude!!).. so if Glassfish can compete and get the market in enterprise, Netbeans will follow, or.. they still a educator IDE. anyone agreee with this?? let's share ;) This is not my personal opinion, but arise in the discussion...

OpenSource is a toy in enterprise, but part of them,

Gartner said , openSource is embeded in the mainstream.. Gartner said tht ;) dude..

I can see the battle field will be getting hot, and i can see Eclipse 4 will become a next cool collaboration IDE, but Netbeans will get market also, because Java brand still in Sun... but when Android release and there will be Dvlik in iPhone..S60.. and WindowsMobile... i can see the battle field in IDE will be getting hotter, will Netbeans survive???

I just watched the Three kingdom movie, Netbeans like Zi Liong,,, in Shu Dynasty... must survive in the battlefield...

Of course there is IDEA, i try IDEa 7.0.3, cool IDE, you must try it, the only IDE that dont have JavaEE container but cool. amazing Swing based IDE that fast... a baseline for enterprise development...

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